Watch Your Yard Flourish

Keep your grass healthy with aeration in Charlotte, NC

Experts at Black Diamond Lawn Service LLC understand the importance of proper aeration for your lawn. You need water and nutrients to reach the soil so your grass can thrive. Healthy soil is happy soil.

How do you know if your lawn needs to be aerated? There are a few factors that contribute to soil compaction, such as:

  • Regularly parking cars on your grass
  • Children playing frequently on the lawn
  • Soil layering disrupts drainage
  • Your home is a new construction project
  • Dead grass collecting on the surface

If your yard experiences soil compaction, reach out to us to schedule lawn aeration in Charlotte, NC.

Arrange for regular lawn care services at your home

Arrange for regular lawn care services at your home

We offer full lawn care and maintenance services, including:

  • Trimming your shrubs
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Edging the sides
  • Removing pine needles
  • Mulching and planting

When you need any of these services for your yard, call 704-654-8643 to schedule lawn care at your Charlotte, NC home.